What are the best editing tips and hacks for YouTube videos?

Hey Community,
I’m looking for some suggestions on productivity hacks to help me edit videos quicker and manage my workflow better. Really looking forward to any of your ideas on new work flow managing tools, storyboarding ideas and other such tips. Even if it’s the smallest trick in your book do share :smile:

There are a couple of things you can do to help you edit your videos faster by simply managing your time and your tasks; the first of which anyone will tell you is to get organized.

Organize. Organize. Organize

This may seem like a really obvious tip but trust me it will help you a lot. Set up systems that break down your tasks and pace it out evenly through the day to give you enough time to work on each. I use Trello to help me with this. It’s a great productivity software that lets me keep a track of work flow and share progress at different stages when needed.

Storyboard efficiently

I would recommend storyboarding even the smallest of projects, and from experience this has really helped me envision the video and edit my videos faster. Even if you run short on time before the shoot, storyboard the video before you sit down to edit the footage. This will help you select and focus only on the shots you want to use, which makes the editing process more streamlined.

Cut the distraction

When I sit down to edit, nothing is more disturbing than the constant pop-ups of social media notifications. You unknowingly end up wasting time and interrupting your flow. In fact, it takes about 25 minutes to get back into the swing of things after you’ve been interrupted.

Turn of the incessant pop-ups of any messages and notifications before you sit down to edit. Only check what’s important when you take a break.

Make the most of Templates

During the process of planning I find it helpful to lay out each step of the editing process so I don’t skip out on anything. I also tend to club tasks so I can finish similar tasks in one and I don’t have to keep interrupting the longer time consuming tasks like editing.

Another thing that saves me time while editing is templates. Luckily Typito lets you save your templates save templates while editing. So for my video projects, most of my lower thirds and title intos remain the same, which are saved for quicker access.

Lastly, for video creators constant learning and practicing at all times increases productivity so keep it at and make sure you enjoy what you do so it doesn’t seem like such a task :blush:

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No matter how passionate you are about video creation, the business is an incredibly busy scene with rushing deadlines, spontaneous meetings, and edits upon edits for client satisfaction- which might get a handful at times.

It’s not very difficult to set up an efficient workflow to manage your video production if you know what kind of tools to works with. Of course the way I plan and pace out my work will differ from the what might suit you but it it helps to share tips and tools that benefit.

Here’s a workflow I’ve created for myself with a few handy tools, maybe a few of these tool can help you as well.

On the Video editing front, Typito has certainly eased the pressure and work process for me and it fits my requirements since I work with a lot of text based videos that require a lot of creative and engaging captions. What I particularly like is the save templates feature and the Teams for collaborative work space.

These are certainly a lot of of other tools to help keep a track and maximise productivity, but the best productivity hacks for videographers I’ve come across are certainly these:

For Planning Organising


Like @Sophie_You I use Trello too. As a project management tool Trello allow me to clearly organise my tasks, and keep a track of my projects. You add details like comments, attachments, due dates, and more directly to Trello task cards. It’s also great for collaboration with teams and track progress.

Another alternative tool to Trello would be would Asana but I haven’t really used this yet, (been to comfortable with Trello) , but you can always try it out.

For Quick Storyboarding


Another smart hack I’ve come across is using Canva for a quicker storyboarding. I know! Up until I read about this as a tip it too only used it for designing. With hundreds of professionally designed templates and premade elements, Canva make storyboarding really efficient and saves you a lot of time. You can also use Canva to create engaging thumbnails for your videos.

For Time Management


If you like you pace out your work through your works hours try using Toogl. It’s a great tool for those who want to keep track of the time they spend on each tasks and what’s really holding you up.

@community, If you’ve come across more tools do share.

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