What are the best tips for creating videos on LinkedIn?

Off late I’ve been seeing a lot of videos on my LinkedIn feed. It’s almost 1 video for every 3 posts! Is this happening to others as well in this group? I’m guessing LinkedIn is trying to push more videos onto everyone’s newsfeed.

I think now would be a great opportunity for marketers like me to add LinkedIn to the channels where I promote content. Any suggestions on how to go about creating videos for LinkedIn? Cheers!


Hey @Tom, nice to see a post from you!

And yes, LinkedIn appears to be going all in for videos on its newsfeed. Here’s an article they published about their video ad offerings last year:

If they want video ads on the platform to have good conversions, they are likely to condition the user experience in general with more videos so that the users get used to a lot of videos on the newsfeed.

Regarding tips on making kickass videos on LinkedIn, @Tej has done some amazing videos on LinkedIn. It would really help to learn his process around LinkedIn videos including a few do’s and don’ts! :sweat_smile:

Here’s one of my favourite videos he produced using Typito:

@Tej can you share your learnings? Looking forward!


Hey @Tom, your observation about the rising frequency of videos on your LinkedIn feed is bang on. Thanks for inviting me to share my lessons @Matthew.

If we look at the aspects common to the most successful videos on LinkedIn, you will see that have a really genuine core that doesn’t sell hard and there is an intent to educate or engage first. Some of the proven content formats gaining popularity Linkedin are:

  1. Frank conversations with colleagues/partners/customers
  2. Sharing actionable tips, lessons and hacks in your specific domain
  3. Short videos which are motivational in nature
  4. Short and snappy videos with facts and figures about your industry/insights from survey

After creating videos with 10,000+ views on LinkedIn, here are some lessons which you might find relevant:

  1. Square videos do great in LinkedIn. I use letterboxes on top and bottom of the frame (readymade format on Typito) and use them to add title and captions. Captions make video more accessible and since most videos on Social media are muted by default, the captions work well to help spread your message.

  2. Have a short punchy title which stays on the frame through out the video. This acts as a catchy headline to grab the attention in a crowded social media feed.

  3. Be brand consistent. Ensure that the font, logo and colors used are consistent with your overall brand. The brand intro template help with this.

  4. To start, don’t be too obsessed with meeting a high quality bar of video resolution or production value. Avoid spending too much to setup a studio when you want to test the waters with your video marketing on LinkedIn. Use your phone camera or any camera with HD recording capability. Loosen up and be personal in your messaging. Do whatever required to get a sound recording without much noise.

  5. One proven tip to get started with video on Linkedin is best shared by Gary Vaynerchuk: “Document and you might not need to create”. Document your lessons, document your experiences of growing your business, document your struggles - don’t be stuck thinking of ‘content ideas’ or the best topic to talk about. With iterations and regular content production habit, you will gradually see your videos build a following. Hope this helps. I will keep sharing more in this space. Excited to see what has helped other video creators on LinkedIn.


Truer words were never spoken! Most creators spend too much time obsessing about the tool-kit and studio setup where as you should just focus on getting those first 5 videos out!

Thanks for your tips @Tej! :slight_smile:

Few things that come to my mind:

  1. Use native Video. Do not upload videos to YouTube or Vimeo and share on LinkedIn. They will reward you better for uploading videos on LinkedIn over other third party platforms.

  2. Keep it less than 90 seconds

  3. Try to tell a story if possible. Which means even if it’s a vlog, think hard about the structure of your content.

  4. Try to ensure your shots have basic lighting

  5. 4:3 aspect ratio work well for feed structures like in LinkedIn.

Hope this helps!