What are the initial investments a fitness or wellness instructor needs to make to move their studio online? How to plan and budget for it?

If you have decided to take your fitness / wellness classe online, you would mostly need to plan and build an engine that would make the following possible:

  1. prepare course and class content
  2. sell your courses online
  3. sell your classes online and conduct them without disruption
  4. communicate with your students online
  5. acquire more prospects and convert them to students

Let’s learn how to plan for all of this from an investment and budgeting point of view.

P.S. We’ve prepared an exhaustive list of FAQs that might be useful for yoga, wellness, dance and fitness studios trying to move online. You can find it here:

If you’re a fitness/wellness studio or an individual instructor who is now looking to make an online presence and begin online classes/sessions then this will be helpful. There are some initial investments you’ll have to make. These are mostly one time investments that would ensure high quality video production and a higher rate of satisfied users.

Building a Website

One of the initial investments that you ought to make while moving online is a good website. A simple looking website that contains most information on your services, schedule, contact information is a must-have. There are several online software available that will easily let you create amazing websites. Two of the user-favourites are Wix and Squarespace. These tools have free versions but they come with limited features. By investing in their paid subscriptions, you can get access to features like overall customization, website analytics etc.

Live-streaming Aid

If you plan to conduct live training sessions then I suggest you upgrade to a better broadband service. You can check out this thread in which we’ve clearly mentioned what kind of speed is required to live stream.

Apart from live streaming, a good broadband service will also enable faster uploads of your pre-recorded videos.


If you plan to have your online classes in the long run then we suggest you invest in some good video production equipment. You can check out this blog by Desktop Documentaries to understand the different kinds of equipment needed to produce videos.