What fonts are most popular for video captions and subtitles?

Hey y’all!
I plan to create a series of videos based on food and nutrition. They’d mostly have a few snippets of interviewing experts (need sub-titles for that) and a lot of video / image slide-shows that talk about tips and tricks. “5 reasons you should eat a broccoli a week” sorts :sweat_smile:. Any suggestions on the type of fonts I should use for captioning these videos using Typito?


Hey Patricia, great question! I’ve decided to put some structure into my thoughts this time :grin:

Fonts that are suitable for video captions and subtitles

Most popular social video producers like CNN, BBC, BuzzFeed, AJ+, World Economic Forum etc pick a font that’s part of their brand guidelines. Some of them could be Serif or San Serif but almost always follow certain rules while adding text on the video. Let me explain what these rules are, in the context of a social media caption video by AJ+:


  1. Narrative text: Bold or Black variant of the font for captions that narrate an event or story.

  1. Conversational text: Regular or Medium variant of the font for captions that record a person’s conversation.

While this is not a strict rule, this kind of differentiation between narrative text and conversational text helps the viewer distinguish between the type of text on the video.

Easy to use social media caption templates

If you plan to create videos for social media using captions, you might want to check out these drag-and-drop caption templates online including the ones used by the likes of BBC, 9GAG, BuzzFeed, CNN, AJ+ :

It goes without mention that these templates work on Typito - compatible with fonts in any language - Arabic, Vietnamese, Greek, Russian and others.

Hope this helps. Cheers!