What is the equipment I will need to conduct a sermon virtually / online?

In case you’re doing this for the first time then do not stress out because you can go live with any smartphone available. As times progress, you can eventually switch to a better equipment to live broadcast the sermon. Apart from the phone or tablet you choose to use, you need to also ensure that you’ve a good internet connection for a smooth live-streaming process.

P.S. We’ve prepared an exhaustive list of FAQs that might be useful for Churches trying to go online with videos. You can find it here:

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Depending on your congregation this can differ. For smaller congregations a good quality smartphone or tablet will work well. Smartphones and tablets can easily adapt to live streaming services.

Live streaming
For a larger congregation it is best recommended to invest in some good quality equipment for the long run. If you’re looking to live stream for a larger audience, here is a list of equipment you’ll need as per Adorama;

  • Multiple HD Video Cameras or Camcorders
  • Tripods
  • Video Encoder
  • Audio Mixer
  • Computer Graphics Software
  • Portable Wi-Fi Device

Restream has mentioned a list of cameras that can be used for live streaming.

  • Canon Vixia HF G21
  • Panasonic 4K Cinema-Like Video Camera Camcorder
  • Canon EOS REBEL T7i
  • IP live camera AXIS M3045-V
  • Canon XA15
  • Sony PXW-Z150

You can also check out their guide in detail for more information on all aspects included in the process of live-streaming a service or sermon.

Uploaded Videos
In case you plan to shoot, edit and then share the video online here are some tools that will come handy apart from the camera, tripod and other equipment.

  • Canva
  • Typito

When uploading a video on any video hosting platform it is important to pay attention to your video Thumbnail. According to Tubular Insights, thumbnails are important for the following reasons;

  • Conveying the subject of the video content
  • Compelling the viewer to click-through to the video
  • Differentiating their brand
  • Making sure they are optimized for any device

Canva is a graphic-design platform that lets you create a wide variety of visual content. You can use the tool to create video thumbnails. Canva also offers a range of YouTube thumbnail design options to choose from.

To edit the video I recommend Typito, a user-friendly online video editing platform that focuses on the importance of text and captions. You can use Typito’s auto-generated captions feature to add subtitles to a sermon/order of service video.