Which payment model is better for a wellness and fitness studio, pay per class or a monthly subscription, and how do you decide between both?

Usually, a fitness or wellness class are known to have 2 types of payment models - pay per class or pay per video which is common incase of a one time workshop or monthly membership if you are enrolling a student onto a class. The motive of this thread is to elaborate on how a studio can decide between any of these payments models or maybe choose both of them for separate use-cases.

P.S. We’ve prepared an exhaustive list of FAQs that might be useful for yoga, wellness, dance and fitness studios trying to move online. You can find it here:

We would like to highlight the two transactional models you can use while moving your fitness studio/classes online.

Pay-per-video Model
Subscription Model

Pay-per-video as the name suggests refers to the user paying a certain fee to get access to a particular video or content. This model can be used for a single video or for certain packages you create.

In the Subscription model, the user can pay a recurring monthly fee to access your fitness videos… Similar to a streaming service subscription like Netflix, users can subscribe to your videos by paying a monthly fee.

We suggest to opt for a subscription model as that clearly has more perks than the pay-per-model as stated by uscreen. It is also best to offer potential users with a free trial before asking them to be a subscribed user. Free trial gives the user a better idea of what’s in store for them. This is the time to ensure that the clients are completely in love with your content and they return back for more.

The average income for a studio:

> Without a free trial – $5637
> With a free trial – $9575

Check out this brilliant piece by Uscreen to know more about the transaction models to move your business online

Based on the users and their preferences, you can always begin with the pay-per-video model and then later move on to a subscription-model.