You can now collaborate with your team on Typito!

Ola friends!
There’s a product update from our end that’s been pending for a couple of weeks now! :blush:
We launched Typito teams last week! You can now invite your team members to a shared workspace where you can create, edit and publish videos for your business. Teams feature is on a Beta now. So please give it a shot and let us know what you think.


Shout out to @Basim_Ahmad who built the feature on Typito. We are now working on a few other capabilities for teams on Typito. So stay tuned! :sunglasses:


Here’s the blog post update on the Typito Teams -

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This is amazing! Finally we get to add our team members to use our account and stop sharing Typito login details on sticky note (like WIFI password). :sweat_smile:

@Matthew, at times we work with freelancers who are not really part of the team but works with us on a contract basis on video projects. Is there a way to share the project details with them to edit instead of adding them to our team? More like Google Docs share option.